Ruth Carter, Geek Law Firm Founder

Geek Law Firm is the umbrella company for all my legal activities except providing legal services to clients. I provide traditional legal services to clients through Venjuris law firm

Evil Genius – Ruth Carter (they/them)

I tried to conform to the lawyer stereotype, and I learned I’m more effective when I’m my authentic self. Although I can suit up with the best of them, you’re more likely to find me in jeans and a t-shirt. I’m pragmatic and diligent (with a side of snark) in all of my work, whether I’m writing a blog post or a contract for a client, and I also buck tradition when such constraints are ineffective.

Perpetually curious, I’m grateful to work in areas of law that are constantly evolving. Please see my blatantly honest bio to learn more about me.

Practice Areas

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Intellectual Property
Every business has intellectual property and should have a strategy for protecting it. I work on copyright, trademark, and trade secret matters, including registrations, assignments, licensing agreements, cease and desist letters, and litigation.

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Business Law

Contracts are relationship management documents, and I love writing them. Yes, I mean it! Drafting and negotiating contracts is fun for me. I also work on litigation matters and help people create or move their company to Arizona.

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Internet Law
The law cannot keep up with technology. It’s a constant challenge to examine how existing laws apply to new developments and how to comply with new laws when they go into effect. I also write terms of service and privacy policies for websites. 

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Flash Mob Law
Yes, this is a real thing. I even wrote a book about it. I help would-be pranksters set themselves up so they’re less likely to be accused of wrongdoing when they’re planning or doing their shenanigans.


I take my work seriously but not myself. I often like to have fun with my audience and use absurd but true stories that demonstrate what not to do in business or on social media.

If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Ruth on any level, I highly recommend it. Ruth is eloquent and, most of all, fun to work with, plus the knowledge they have is priceless.

There are only a handful of lawyers I send referrals to, and Ruth is one of those. They talk on IP at fandom conventions where half the audience is in cosplay. That’s the lawyer I would go to – someone smart, nerdy, and current.

Ruth is a lawyer unlike any you will ever meet. Their professionalism coupled with their sense of humor and no-bullshit delivery makes them one of a kind. Their ability to teach the law in a manner that is not only informative, but fun, is unparalleled.

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The Sidekick – Lucy Jane

Lucy Jane is my devoted basset hound who comes to work with me every day. I even wrote her into my contract. She is a rescue dog who prefers to be velcroed to my side. Most days, she alternates between snoozing on her couch and demanding belly rubs. She’s an emotional support dog who supports everyone’s emotions – bringing loves wherever she goes.